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Firstly, it’s always great when people get in touch, so please feel free to contact me to say hello, expand your social media networks or of course request advice on SEO / search marketing.

About Sharon Edrote, in brief


Sharon Edrote has worked in a variety of more ‘traditional’ marketing roles since 2008, making his success in search marketing very much orientated around the marketing goals of the websites that he works with. Search engine optimisation is therefore never treated as a tick-box exercise.

Graduate out of Asian Collge of Science and Technology (ACSAT-CDO) with an Computer Science, whilst working as a Assistant Clerk for a small medium market trading company. Here, I managed both offline and online marketing activities for the company through reporting in weekly basis.

Search Engine Optimisation / Marketing

Various Marketing Management roles have refined project management skills leading me into SEO Specialist with the right skills.

Throughout recent years I have worked more specifically in search engine optimization or SEO Cagayan de Oro, building experience with respected co-worker, Syntactics Inc. a outsourcing company in the Philippines., of whom I still work on multiple SEO projects today.

In recent years, I have also worked as a SEO Specialist, social media optimization and seo local listing projects in Search Engine Optimist (of whom I worked social media like Facebook Page, Twitter account and Video Editting or Marketing regularly).

 And now, I am currently an SEO Cebu City Specialist for web design company Taking You Foward. And a part-time SEO Instructor one of the computer school here in the Philippines, Informatics Computer Institute

I continually work hard to build credibility and professionalism into my online marketing efforts, ongoing involvement in industry and social media sites.

Avid Reader and Researcher

I’m an obsessive reader on anything search engine marketing related… certainly a genuine interest. I live and breathe search marketing, taking time out each today to keep up to speed with improving tools, analytical techniques, search technology and IR geek-bits, and broader online marketing channels/blogs.

Out of the Office

I play the online game sometimes, xbox wot wot! I’m often hang out with my friends a beer-kada session (a circle of friends in beer session), and I love to travel, with an ever growing list of places I intend to see…next stop: Camotes Island, Cebu, Philippines with my girlfriend burning stress, catching some eye-seeing views it feels great to see such wonderful mother nature, GO GREEN!

 Music, music and music. I seat on my cubicle/workstation listening to fave band Newsboys, Toby Mac and Christian Rock band, Can you believe I work in this cutting-edge online field and I hang on to the Christian rock notion of music?! Weird.

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